Wednesday, 3 September 2014

what is an Impact Factor

        We would like to share with you what is an Impact Factor

Impact Factor is calculated by Thomson Reuter, ( for the journals covered or indexed in their “Science Citation Index (SCI)”.
It is calculated as follows.

Impact Factor (2008)=A/B

A=Total citations in 2008 of all the articles those were published in Year 2006 and 2007
B=Total articles published in Year 2006 and 2007

For example if “Demo Journal of Science” has published 200 articles in 2006-2007 and all these articles together were cited 300 times during 2008. So from the formula 300/200=1.5 will be impact factor for the journal “Demo Journal of Science” for the year 2008 that will be released by the end of year 2009.
So if a journal publishes its first issue in Jan 2013, and if it is immediately indexed in SCI, its first impact factor will appear in late 2016. That will be impact factor of 2015 based on published articles in 2012-2013.

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