Wednesday, 3 September 2014


There are about 10000 Journal in SCI whose impact factor is calculated but there are more than 20000 Journals showing FAKE IMPAC FACTOR on their site. Please beware of fake impact factor journals.
How to know, if Impact Factor is Fake:

Visit SCI site

Enter title of the journal in Search. If it is indexed it will appear. Click on coverage, if it says “Science Citation Index” it means the journal is covered and has some Impact Factor that you can not see unless you buy their “Journal Citation Report”. If journal does not appear in list means it is not indexed with them, still the journal site says some impact factor, no doubt it is fake. Stay away from these journals if you think your research work has some quality.
So Impact Factor of our Journals will appear, at least 3 years later after publishing at least 5-6 issues consistently.
However, getting indexed in SCI is not easy they demand very high quality in publication.
Hence we strive to maintain quality of our articles and summarily reject poor articles. 

To know more about FAKE IMPACT FACTOR visits this links

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